A New Way of Seeing

Online Workshop 2021

January 24th, 31st February 7th

10:00am - 11:15am GMT

This three session course aims to demonstrate how the power of attending to the present can allow your creativity to flourish. These classes will focus on observational drawing of still life and landscapes and will cover multiple techniques of drawing and mindfulness. 



ZW Panel 6 CR.jpg

War & Peace - Beneficial Shock

 April 2021

For Beneficial Shock Magazine's 'War & Peace' issue, I created a 6 panel comic featuring different characters and scenes from the films mentioned in this particular issue. 

Grigoriou Interiors

January 2021

This is one of three illustrations for Grigoriou Interiors, to wish their customers a happy and safe new year, while adapting to a new way of living. Click to see the other two

Evil Queen Developed Image.jpg

Beneficial Shock

December 2020

This rug was designed for Beneficial Shock Mag for their 12 days of Christmas series. This one is about Snow Whites evil step mother, instead of poisoning snow White with an apple she has gone for a more Christmassy minced pie!

Mechanical Georgian Theatre

December 2020

Moving paper theatre, as a donations box for the Bath Assembly rooms. Mechanics by Jim Wilkins. Higher quality videos and photos will be uploaded when Covid-19 restrictions loosen.

Mural apprenticeship IAMSOS

September 2020 - Present

This year I met Sarah Gillings, the mural artist behind IAMSOS. I met Sarah in September this year when she was painting a mural in Brighton, and am now working alongside her and learning the tricks of the trade. To find out more about her and her work you can go to



August 2020

This project was for Bloom Education - a charity that 'connects teachers and young people to nature through secondary education. Bloom provides courses and workshops for teachers and their students to bring the natural world into everyday living and learning, within the existing curriculum.'

Main Image website.jpg


August 2020

CHASM was an online performing arts event hosted by Centre for Live Arts Yorkshire, and East Street Arts. For this event they needed a visual identity. For this they wanted a main illustration that would represent their project, and a logo. 

How can we put love into action?.png


June 2020

Ctrl+Alt+Discussion is an online discussion where people get together to talk about mindfulness and philosophy in relation to particular topics. Some of the topics we have had are Happiness and Home. This ticket was designed as an advert for the third sessions about putting love into action. This is in response to what has been happening in the last few months (May/June) with Black Lives Matter, but also will be encompassing other world issues and how as philosophers we could cope and act.

Wise Things Festival home image 2020

July 24-26 2020


Wise Things Festival is an online weekend event hosted by the School of Philosophy and Economic Science. For this I am creating a visual identity that spans their social media...

Is philosophy relevant today? 1.jpg


March 2020

Illustrations and graphic design on this page have all been made for the School of Practical Philosophy and Economic Science.



January 2020


Global Game Jam 2020 was my first ever game jam and I loved it! The theme this year was 'repair' and our idea was to create a game that you had to fix to play. In this game I...



August 2019

This small booklet of quotes from Sri Anandamayi Ma was created for Celebrating the Wisdom of Women. This is an annual event that hosts talks about women who are....

Hoxton Arches2.jpg


UWE Illustration will be exhibiting their work at the Hoxton Arches in London. This will be a more refined selection of work from each student on our course. If you are in London then come and pop down to see everything. Here is a link to our event page.


7th-12th June 2019

Bower Ashton Campus, Bristol

Our final degree show at UWE Bristol. Come along to have a look at our course's work. Illustration will be at Bower Ashton campus but there is also Spike Island and Arnolfini where other courses are showing their work. To take a look at the rest of my class go to @uweillustration2019Here is a link to our event page.