Wise Things Festival is an online event that hosts activities, talks and workshops based around mindfulness and wellbeing. These range from live cooking sessions to lectures to yoga.


My role in the festival was producing everything visual - which included the designs for the website and social media. Here are some examples of what I came up with.


For this brand, I took inspiration from various philosophy organisations. This included the websites of; The Philosophers' Magazine and The School of Life. We wanted a style that appealed to multiple audiences - ranging from young adults to old, but mainly focusing on a younger audience. The font I chose (Playfair Display) gave a traditional and sophisticated feel, and the bright colours gave a sense of youth and playfulness. The illustrations combined with this tied it all together with a friendly feeling. To see how we did the social media check out the instagram.


The Wise Things Festival website was created on Wix, and it allowed us to be playful with buttons which made the website more interesting and attractive to younger audiences. You can investigate more by clicking on the button below. 

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