This rug is about climate change. Its about how humanity and us as individuals have the power and the choice to either improve the environment or end the world as we know it. 

Evil Step Mother's Christmas Gift

This rug was designed for Beneficial Shock Magazine for their 12 days of Christmas series. This one is about Snow Whites evil step mother, instead of poisoning snow White with an apple she has gone for a more Christmassy minced pie! 

Mass Surveillance does not stop terrorism

During my time at the Willem De Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Netherlands, we had the privilege of visiting the  Amnesty NL offices in Amsterdam. Each student created a poster about mass surveillance and were given feedback on their work. 

Oil Rig

This  illustration was part of my final year show at UWE in 2019. The theme of the exhibition was climate change. This illustration about how our small everyday actions can have a great effect that we wouldn't expect.

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