This rug is about climate change. Its about how humanity and us as individuals have the power and the choice to either improve the environment or end the world as we know it. 


In 2019 the decision had to be made as to whether Shamina Begum and her child would be allowed to come back and live in the UK. At 16 she and two of her friends were radicalised and ran away to join ISIS and became wives of the Jihadists. This rug is about Begums story, and how young people are radicalised.

'The UN Security Council demanded all parties end indiscriminate use of weapons in populated areas.'

'President Assad agreed to compete the removal and destruction of Syria's chemical weapons arsenal'

'but civilians continue to die in their thousands'

'The operation was complete the following year, but the OPCW has continued to document the use of toxic chemical weapons in the conflict'


These illustrations are a response to the BBC News Article Syria: The story of the conflict. I created War Crimes when I was in the second year of studying Illustration at UWE. The style was based off Afghan War Rugs. These rugs show a small portion of what has happened during the war. Since making these rugs I have continued to use this style in other topics. Eventually I would like to get some of them made into real rugs.


This moving illustration was inspired by Greta Thunberg's speeches in 2019

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