CHASM was an online performing arts event hosted by Centre for Live Arts Yorkshire, and East Street Arts. For this event they needed a visual identity. For this they wanted a main illustration that would represent their project, and a logo. 

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"Live artworks and performances searching for intimacy in a time of social isolation. 


Sometimes in the current climate, it can feel like there is a Chasm between us. This programme is an experiment in bridging that gap. 


As we adjust to a new way of existing, using new technologies as a method of connecting we wonder what is possible? How can we combat the impersonal nature of a computer screen? When touch isn't an option how do we feel warmth?

Over the next two months we will develop a programme of live artworks, interactions and happenings responding to the provocation on intimacy in the context of a global pandemic. The artists have been invited to play with form and structure when trying to connect with audiences in their own homes. Creating exciting new ways of exploring care, safety and comfort."

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