'All the worlds a stage'

2019, White earthenware

This pot has four faces and is inspired by Shakespeare's poem 'As you like it'. It is about ageing and changing identity throughout our life, but maintaining that we are the same person or spirit inside (which is represented by water inside the pot)

'Carousel Donations box'

2019, White earthenware

This donations box was to raise money for our final year show in London when leaving university. The theme of the event was carnival/ fun fair, so I made a carousel themed box.

Endangered Salmon

2019, Copper

This is a hollow sculpture made of copper. The fish is a salmon and was a part of a project about climate change towards the end of my illustration degree. 

Krampus Nacht 

2019, Modrock, foam, acrylic paint, faux fur, string

Krampus Nacht is a German festival that takes place in December and is based around a mythical Christmas creature called Krampus. People in the streets of Germany create their costumes and go around scaring people with their masks and torches. The story goes that Krampus punishes naughty children by bringing them to hell and hitting or eating them. This costume was made for an event held in December of 2019 to raise money for our final year show at university.

Something Spectacular

2019, Fabric, Digital, Photograph

Something Spectacular was a fundraising event for our class's final year show at UWE. During the event a few of us made costumes to wear to make the atmosphere more immersive.